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California (que OC theme music)

So, I’m in California for the week.  And although this post isn’t about any one beverage in particular, I’m writing to announce that the next few posts I make will be (a) about California-based alcohol and (b) in quick succession of each other.  Hopefully at least two will come out of this week.

And I’m expanding to beer, which will happen with this blog occasionally, but not often.  I’m making my first exception for the Karl Strauss Brewing Company, based out of San Diego.

I just had their En Fuego Jalepnio Cheeseburger and three of their premium drafts in La Jolla– one of the pricier areas of the world– and it cost me $28.  Back in the low-income area of East Tennessee where I’m from, I could get a burger and three beers for $28, and it would be half the quality.

Oh, and on top of that, the Karl Strauss brews I had were 8.1% alcohol at least, with their Belgian-style seasonal ranking it at a full 10%.  This is over double what Tennessee state laws prohibit beer of being.

Screw this legalization of marijuana.  If I lived here amongst 10% alcoholic beer, I wouldn’t even think of weed.  You Californians don’t realize how great you have it.  But I support your self-parodying progressive liberal laws nonetheless.  Let’s see what other ridiculous shit we can pull off, Golden State!

More to come later.