Ruggero di Tasso’s Nero d’Avola 2007

Trader Joe’s has a way of making you buy things you normally would not. Chocolate covered candied ginger, shortbread cookies, and pre-seasoned fish to name a few, but ultimately the wines get me. I’m all for the more challenging $20 bottle, but I’m also not made of cash, so a solid bargain wine is welcome at our house anytime.

Ruggero di Tasso’s Nero d’Avola had the rock bottom price of $4.99 and, for a solid table wine, tasted better than the price suggested. Disclaimer – if I had bought a $5 bottle of wine where I’m originally from, I would have been planning on drinking it in the parking lot…cause life was bad.

This Sicilian was round and sweet with a deep nose. I could actually smell the fruit, like most big production labels (think animal or body part bottles), but I could also smell black cherries and little oak. Light tannins made for a slippery finish, but it wasn’t soft enough to roll over the garlic I was cooking with.

This is a pretty darn good table, or rather, jelly jar wine for the summer. It doesn’t even need a wine glass proper, just pour it in to a small glass after you pour some into your sauce. It has a blackberry flavor that I really liked. Took the bruschetta with white cheddar & parsley I was snacking on to a wonderful place. Increasingly looking forward to my garden.

3 out of 5 strikes

(Post written by Tre)


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